Microprocessor system for the management, control and visualisation of the asphalt mixing plant technology

ASKOM a.s. supplies a microprocessor system for the management, control and visualisation of the asphalt mixing plant technology.

The system is comprised of two basic parts: the control and visualisation software, and the measuring and control hardware for data collection and control of power outputs.

The system is designed as a distributed one, which means that processes critical in time, physically remote or regulation quality demanding are controlled directly by partially independent units located within the mixing plant technology. These units mutually communicate and are linked to the visualisation computer used for the visualisation of the entire technology, control of simple processes and communication with operators and the outside world.

Likewise, the system is modular and open, from the basic version for the mixing process control up to the management of the entire mixing plant. This makes it possible to extend and modify the system according to changes or replacements of the mixing plant equipment, and allows for an easy application of the system when upgrading existing mixing plants.

The visualisation software works under operating systems Windows. The system is user friendly, easy and intuitive to operate. It is provided with an extensive set of hints and messages, both in text and sound form. At the same time, it is variable and can be modified operatively to the customer’s needs and requirements.

Mixing process technology control

A clear graphic picture of the mixing process facilitates comfortable monitoring by the operator, including entering of required quantities, editing of formulas, etc. The complete record from the mixing plant operation is stored on the hard disk as a source of data for further processing. The mixing process may be interrupted any time and then re-started again without any risk of losing information about the interrupted mix. The system is also prepared for manual control of either part of the technology keeping mutual relationships between its nodes.

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